Could Diabetes Be the Cause of My Pain?

I am a diabetic, but I’m also a pretty active person who likes to exercise and perform various outdoor activities, such as running, swimming, and hiking. Lately I’ve been experiencing a pain between the shoulder blades of my back. I figured I pulled some kind a muscle during one of my activities, so I simply applied a topical cream in order to alleviate the pain. Initially the pain seemed to go away, but only a couple of days later, the pain returned, and it was worser than before. The pain started to get a sharpness to it, with a bit of a throbbing sensation. I had become fearful that there was something serious going on and that I would need some sort of surgery. After a brief moment of panic, I calmed down, exercised a bit of logic, and decided to search for possible causes and cures on various websites.

Upon searching for websites related to my pain troubles, I found some pretty standard information related to pulled muscles and strained joints.