Finding Recipes for Healthy Salads

For years, my wife has been making salads for the family, and they are not very healthy. One of the typical salads that she would make, includes Iceberg Lettuce, cheese, Ranch dressing, bacon bits, and other things along those lines. They are not very good for you, and I think that might be putting it lightly. I am going to try to look up recipes healthy salads.

I am going look up some recipes, and I really want to try something different. I have always been opposed to the concept of fruit in salads, but I am starting to warm up to the idea. I think that it could actually work, if you had the right dressing to put on the salad. In general, I want to move away from dressing that are high in fat. A lot of them are quite high in fat, and I think that is one of the main reasons that people turn healthy salads, into something far from being healthy.

I am not sure how likely it is going to be that I will be able to find the right recipe right away. I am going to keep looking though. I have some ideas of what I want to do with the salad that I make, and I am pretty sure that I am to look at some different greens. I am tired of the same type of lettuce all of the time. It is just too bland, and I also know that it is mostly water, without any real nutrients in it. I think that I will switch to spinach for the most part, because it has a lot more of a nutritional content, from my understanding. Of course, I am not really sure exactly how much nutrition is contained in spinach. I always got the impression that it was a lot though.