Need to Trim Down to Play in the Backfield

Of course I thought I would play the tight end or as a middle linebacker when I showed up here. It was going that way until I blew out my knew before my sophomore year here. Now I am at a weight that would be good for a tight end or a linebacker, but that is not where I am going to play as things look right now. Instead I need to lose five or ten pounds and get quicker to play as a slot receiver slash running back and as a defensive back. I need some hcg drops or something that would magically let me drop the weight without losing any strength and I need to work on my agility, burst speed and getting down the field.

The coach who recruited me to this college moved on to a bigger school, and we got this new coach from Texas who runs the sort fo spread offense that they like so much down there and out in the Big 12. You never huddle up at all and you need about a dozen guys who can catch the ball. I was a very good receiver in high school and in fact this is the sort of offense where I would get the ball upwards of 25 times per game, either directly through a hand off or in the short passing game. We been running it already in spring practice and all of the running backs are just not very good at this sort of football. Hardly any of them can catch most of the balls thrown to them. To be honest the quarterback situation is unsettled too and the guys we are practicing are not used to getting these sorts of quick throws out with the accuracy that you really need.