One Way to Save on Your Prescription Meds

These days where many of us may have lost our jobs that offered great health insurance coverage but we still have health problems, may have problems coming up with the cash to pay for the medicines we need. For many this may mean going without the medicines we need in lieu for other thing s

My Daily Dose of Comfort

I think a lot of people like to go on the internet to pass the time. For some, the internet is a place where people can socialize and get to know people from around the world. There are even some people that claim to have met their spouse online and say it was love at

Taking Care of Your Spine

For years, I did not heed the advice of friends and family when they suggested that I should be taking greater care of my back. I was always, and still do, pushing myself at work and in play. I’m just a very physical guy and even when my work turned into something less physical, I

Taking Amberen if You Are a Diabetic

I have tried many different supplements over the past year that were supposed to relieve the symptoms of menopause without affecting my Type 2 Diabetes. None of them seemed to work quite as well as amberen has for me. Some of those supplements were absolute torture to take and had negative side effects with my

I Did a Colon Cleanse

I made a special appointment with my primary care physician even though I was not due to see him for another few months. I made the appointment because I had an excessive amount of gas and bloating, and I was not sure what was going on. I had tried changing my diet a few times,

Living with Diabetes and Finding the Best Care Possible

People who have lifelong diseases will make sure that they can stay healthy while dealing with their illnesses The right medications need to be taken and tests need to be performed regularly at hospitals like the hand surgeon in San Francisco . Great doctors are needed to keep people with serious diseases in good health,

Diabetes and It’s Prevention

Diabetes is a chronic detrimental disease that is affecting the world today. In the United States, it is among the leading causes of death. Millions of Americans are currently suffering from the condition. In fact, according to a 2011 data from the American Diabetes Association, a total of 25.8 million Americans that include children and

Could Diabetes Be the Cause of My Pain?

I am a diabetic, but I’m also a pretty active person who likes to exercise and perform various outdoor activities, such as running, swimming, and hiking. Lately I’ve been experiencing a pain between the shoulder blades of my back. I figured I pulled some kind a muscle during one of my activities, so I simply