Pills Was a Smarter Choice for Me

I try to be positive about my body, but when I looked in the mirror, I was so very unhappy with the way certain parts of my body looked. But the issue is that plastic surgery is really expensive. Who has $1,000 to simply remove some freckles or $20,000 to change the size of your breasts when you have children and a home to take care of? I sure don’t. I was reading online about breast enhancement pills and I wondered if they would work for me. I wondered if I should go get some price quotes from a surgeon first and to see if they had a payment plan. I did not know the answer, and I was on the path to find out.

I did a lot of research to see who the best surgeons are in my area. If I was going to talk to anyone, I wanted them to be the best. I visited with three of them, and each said they do have payment plans, but the monthly installments were just too far out of my budget. Not only that, each one of them talked to me about the high risks and the long downtime after each of the procedures. If anything went wrong, I would need to pay even more money for them to fix the problem, and that could come with 1 or 2 more surgeries, not to mention repeated visits back to check on the progress. It did not seem worth it.

So, I decided next to look into the pills. They are made with natural ingredients and seemed to be something that would be so easy to do. Not only that, the price is just a fraction of what I would need done with the help of a doctor. Six months later, and I see a difference in my chest size already.