The Boss Has Started Some New Ads

Of course I never thought about this sort of thing, but just about every car dealer in the country advertises on TV and my boss is the same as all of the others. However he is not the one who does that, he has all sorts of other stuff to do. At any rate he has a couple of really good looking women who have gotten the task. One of them showed up the other day and her teeth were unnaturally bright and shiny. She had been to a Denver cosmetic dentist and had something done to them. I think it is called bonding or something like that. We all started to make jokes about getting blinded, but the other girl realized that she was going to need to do the same thing. The difference is really startling and of course it is not the same as getting your teeth cleaned or whitened. This is something that just looks a bit strange to me because it is whiter than white.

If you think about it then this is the way that it is when you see people on the TV trying to sell you stuff. In particular it is true of the spokesmodels. It is not so hard to see that if one of them is like that, then all of them have to go and get their teeth unnaturally shiny. All of them have to try to look perfect in ways that no one who is normal would think about. The same girl came up to me and asked me if I thought that her boobs were big enough, which is a really weird question when I am a married guy. I told her that I did not think that I was supposed to be looking, although like most guys I look.

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