Treating Diabetes Naturally

natural diabetes cures and treatmentsDiabetes can be cured in many ways but people fail to realize that it can be cured at home as well. Medication doesn’t cure diabetes completely and the cost of drugs compared to other natural herbs is substantial. There are therapy sessions such as acupuncture which can take a heavy toll financially as a diabetic patient is required to attend multiple therapy sessions. Diabetes cannot be cured completely but can be reduced drastically based on the remedial measures taken by an individual. Maintaining a healthy life is really important to cure diabetes.

Some healthy options include black seed, fig leaves, cinnamon, olive oil, bitter melon, grape seed extract, etc. Black seeds when heated and mixed with water and the outer layer of pomegranate, forms a paste which can be consumed with oil every day. The improvement can be observed within a month itself. Fig leaves on the other hand can be crushed and mixed with boiling hot water and people can drink this mixture as tea in the morning. Cinnamon has proved to be really helpful to cure diabetes as it reduces the glucose level in the body substantially. About half a teaspoon everyday can lower the insulin in the body really fast. Bitter melon doesn’t sound very interesting but once it is taken on an empty stomach every morning, it can turn out to be a very healthy medicine for curing diabetes. The ingredients present in olive oil make it a really good medicine for diabetic patients. If 1/4Th cup is consumed everyday, it can reduce cholesterol levels drastically. Certain capsules contain natural herbs as well. Grape seed extract, which is present in small capsules, can be consumed multiple times a day before or after consuming food.

Some of the methods mentioned above can be stressful to follow everyday but certain home remedies can be really easy to follow without utilizing much time. Avocado seeds have proven to be a really good cure for diabetic patients. These seeds can be crushed and mixed with boiling hot water. After stirring for a while, it has to be kept to cool down and can be consumed after it cools down. This effective method shows results in less than a week or two. This method can be used with cut apples as well. Once they are mixed with hot water and left to cool down, they taste delicious and also cure a diabetic patient. These methods need to be followed consistently and a healthy diet must be maintained in order to see positive results.