Why Does Society Revile Men

As a man grows older, there is no doubt that many functions that used to be normal begin to fail him. This is a natural process of the human body that, more or often than not, is unable to be denied. And yet because we are living longer and more active lives, many of us want to do what we can to bypass this issue! Who could want to blame them for that? Personally, I’ve actually taken Sildenafil recreationally from time to time to great success and a lot of enjoyment. I can only imagine what it’s like to take it when you actually need it!

it’s a shame that men are often reviled for taking something like Viagra. It’s not our fault that our bodies are unabnle to keep up with our minds or our desires. It’s simply a product of our fantastic health industry that we’re living longer and fuller lives. There should be nothing like shame involved in this – if we need chemicals to help us continue the lives that we have enjoyed, what’s wrong with being able to enjoy sex in our silver or golden years? Nothing at all, if you ask me!

Plus, recreational it’s undeniably a lot of fun. Being able to sustain arousal for several hours without trying is definitely one of the more pleasing memories that I’ll carry with me. I was able to keep an erection for nearly three hours before I began to actually feel wore out – and who wouldmn’t feel wore out after a three hour marathon with a partner in bed? I definitely don’t want to grow older and not be able to do this again so hopefully society will not demonize the taking of Viagra any longer because it’s really absurd that they do it in the first place.